Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care in Terra Losa, Edmonton, and the Surrounding Area

Seeking out veterinarian assistance from an animal clinic in Terra Losa has the potential to extend the life of a pet. Additionally, senior pet care from a vet has the potential to make a dog, cat or other furry friends more comfortable during the aging process. Through noninvasive diagnostic testing and treatments, a vet can improve the overall health and wellness of your four-legged family members, no matter their age.  

Senior Pet Care at Terra Losa Animal Clinic

Choosing a Senior Pet Care Expert

The needs of older pets are different from that of younger ones. Specific health issues affect older pets. Not to mention, pets of an advanced age are more prone to certain conditions and require an expert who understands their specific health needs

Pet Aging Process

Pets age much faster than humans do. Although your cat or dog may still be spry at six or seven years old, we recommend testing for conditions affecting senior animals at this age. At six or seven years old, your pet is between the ages of 44-54 years in terms of development. 

Problems Specific to Senior Animals

Problems that plague older human beings tend to also affect senior and geriatric pets. For instance, pets are more at risk for cancer as they age. Heart and kidney disease become more of a concern as well. As pets age, kidney and urinary tract diseases are more common. Pets are also more at risk of diabetes, which has the potential to affect other bodily organs when left untreated. Just like humans, joint and bone disease tend to develop at this time. Pets can even develop arthritis. General weakness is a concern for senior animals. Their brains can develop issues as they age. For instance, senility in senior cats and dogs is possible.  

Treatment for Senior Pets

The treatment is dependent upon the pet's conditions. The veterinarian in Terra Losa will recommend the pet visit the vet more per year. Bloodwork is conducted more frequently to detect issues. A veterinarian will make certain changes to the pet's diet and recommend lifestyle changes that can prevent problems or help the pet adapt to issues that arise as a result of aging. The animal expert may help owners to keep the pet at a healthy weight by recommending diet modifications and certain exercise regimens. Keeping the pet active also helps with joint and other mobility problems that affect senior pets. 

Vaccines for Senior Pets

Senior pets require additional vaccinations to stay healthy since they don't always build up the immunities toward certain conditions, and the vaccines and boosters given when they're younger don't always last as they age. For instance, dogs may need to be vaccinated against parvo and distemper while felines may need to be vaccinated against panleukopenia, herpesvirus, and calicivirus. 

Treatment for Parasites in Senior Pets

Getting pets evaluated for parasites is vital when pets are younger, but as animals age, it becomes even more important. Fleas and other parasites take the nutrients away from pets, which can affect their overall health in many ways. As pets age, it becomes more difficult for them to ward parasites off. Older pets don't heal as well either. 

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The goal of Terra Losa Animal Clinic is to help animals live long, happy lives through various methods such as owner education, lifestyle changes, and medications. To schedule an appointment for your senior pet, so he or she can lead a longer, healthier, happier life, contact us at 780-484-1178. 


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