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At Terra Losa Animal Clinic, we are the only veterinarian your pet will ever need. That is because we are a one-stop shop for all things animal care. With your experienced team of veterinary experts at your disposal and the highest technology veterinary equipment in the area, you will find everything you need for your pet's best health and kindest, gentlest care right here. In addition, we also have AAHA accreditation, which means we meet the highest standards of excellence in veterinary care. We want to be your family veterinarian for all of your pets, for their whole lives. Once you visit us, we are sure you will agree.

We only bring veterinarians and other veterinary personnel on board who are experts in their fields, and who have plenty of knowledge and experience. We also only look for people to join us who have a genuine care and love of animals, and who want the best for them. When new team members come on board, they quickly become committed to our clinic and our mission, because it matches their own values when it comes to caring for animals.

Our veterinarians, Dr. Ignacio Tan and Dr. Ilona Houston, are recognized experts in veterinary medicine, and between them have specialty knowledge and experience in general practice, emergency veterinary medicine, veterinary surgery, veterinary dermatology, and caring for small and exotic animals in addition to more traditional pets. All of your pet's needs are easily met by our team members, and they do so with the utmost care, compassion, and kindness toward your pet.

What Services and Treatments Do We Offer?

Whatever your pet may need, we have it covered for you. For example, we spay and neuter pets, and are big believers in doing it when they are young. You should definitely do it by the time your pet is six months of age, because this will keep them from developing bad habits, such as spraying, howling, and roaming.

Every pet needs an annual wellness exam, and you can get one for your pet right here. It is our most basic service, but also one of the most important. It is just like a human having an annual physical to make sure they are healthy, and no diseases or other conditions are forming (and if they are, they can be caught quickly and treated more easily). The annual wellness exam, in which your pet also gets their annual vaccinations, does the same things for your pet.

We do pet dental care, which is so important in making sure your pet maintains optimum health. Dogs and cats should receive annual cleanings of their teeth because it reduces the risk of gum disease and other serious tooth problems that can negatively impact their overall health. Clean teeth are a part of happy, healthy pet.

In addition to the above services and treatments, we also perform surgery of all kinds, using state of the art equipment, making it as safe and comfortable as possible for your pet. We have an in-house lab for analyzing blood work results, radiology equipment right here for diagnosing illnesses and injuries, and we offer pet microchipping to keep your beloved furry friend safe.

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Your pet needs regular veterinary care to stay healthy. You know it, and your pet probably knows it (even though they'll never admit it). Why not bring your beloved furry friend to a veterinarian who is local, who uses all the best, high-tech treatments, and who is known for their caring, compassionate attitude? Why not bring your pet to a place where they will be treated like family? We are waiting for your call, and are looking forward to welcoming you and your pet to the Terra Losa Animal Clinic family.

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  • "Terra Losa Animal clinic is easily the best vet clinic I've ever brought my animals to. I'm not sure how others could have a negative experience because Dr. Smith and staff are terrific!!! My wife and I love them so much that even after moving across town to Millwoods we still refuse to take our 3 cats anywhere else. We'd rather make the drive to the west end than see anybody else. They're the best"
    - Anonymous