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Pet Dental

Pet Dental

Our Edmonton Veterinarian Staff Can Help Protect And Improve Your Pet's Dental Health

A cat or dog's dental health is intricately linked with its overall well-being--much in the same way as it is for their human owners! At Terra Losa Animal Clinic of Alberta, our Edmonton team encourages all local pet owners to regularly bring their cat or dog in for a teeth examination and cleaning. 

Pet Dental at Terra Losa Animal Clinic

Our Edmonton Veterinarian Explains Why Healthy Teeth And Gums Makes For A Healthier Cat Or Dog

Chronic problems with a pet's gums and teeth are common, especially as it grows older. Like humans, cats and dogs can acquire tartar and plaque build-up on their teeth over time, which can attract bacteria. This can lead to an infection of either the gum (known as periodontal disease) or of the tooth itself (known as an abscess). Other forms of dental health problems include broken or missing teeth, oral tumors, and broken jaws.  Any of these scenarios can lead to painful and uncomfortable problems for your cat, including difficulty chewing and swallowing food, pain in the mouth, bad breath, excessive drooling, and more. Dental infections can even cause systemic infections elsewhere since bacteria and toxins in the mouth can leech into the bloodstream and spread throughout your animal's body.

Fortunately, by providing regular teeth brushing and safe chewing options at home, plus taking your cat or dog in for treatment regularly, it's much easier to keep your pet's teeth and gums healthy and disease-free. This also can save you a lot of time, money, and energy in the future by preventing dental disease rather than having to treat it down the road. 

What To Expect At A Pet Dental Exam With Our Edmonton Vet

  • Teeth examination and cleaning. We’ll check your pet’s teeth for dental problems, then we'll clean the teeth and remove plaque buildup. When we're done, we'll polish the enamel.
  • Tooth extractions. If your pet’s tooth is infected, it will need to be extracted before the infection spreads. We’ll take out the tooth safely, causing your pet minimal discomfort.
  • Cavity fillings. We fill pet cavities to help save your pet’s tooth and prevent debilitating pet toothaches.
  • Consultations. We offer pet owner consultations to train pet owners of Edmonton to learn how to brush their pet’s teeth. Our consultations can also help pet owners develop alternative methods for keeping their pet’s teeth clean.

Based on what we find during your appointment, you can expect our veterinary staff to give you some specific tips on improving your pet's dental health at home. If a problem is detected, we'll outline the next steps that we recommend to improve both your pet's dental health and its quality of life. 

Does Your Dog Or Cat Need A Little Dental TLC? Request An Appointment Today At Our Edmonton Veterinary Clinic!

The friendly and experienced staff at Terra Losa Animal Clinic knows you care about your cat or dog just like any other member of the family. Nutrition, exercise, socialization, obedience training, parasite prevention, pet vaccinations--you've got it covered, and we can help! We want to ensure that you add pet dental care to that very important list for the well-being of your animal--plus peace of mind for yourself! To schedule a pet dental exam or to learn about our many other comprehensive veterinary services, call Terra Losa Animal Clinic today at (587) 400-3752.


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  • "Terra Losa Animal clinic is easily the best vet clinic I've ever brought my animals to. I'm not sure how others could have a negative experience because Dr. Smith and staff are terrific!!! My wife and I love them so much that even after moving across town to Millwoods we still refuse to take our 3 cats anywhere else. We'd rather make the drive to the west end than see anybody else. They're the best"
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