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About Terra Losa Animal Clinic in Edmonton

Terra Losa Animal Clinic is the one and only stop for your pet’s every health need. We bring you our expert team, the latest advances in medical technology and the bar-none, best equipped veterinary clinic in Edmonton! We are also AAHA accredited -- the Standard of Veterinary Excellence!

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Our Winning Team

We are staffed by veterinarians and technicians who are tops in their field and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in caring for your pet. Dr. Ignacio Tan is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan. He enjoys general practice, emergency medicine, veterinary surgery and dermatology. Dr. Dianna Smith is a graduate of Western College of Veterinary Medicine and had experience in a mixed animal practice before deciding to work with small animals.  Our other team members are animal lovers, graduates of accredited programs, and committed to our Terra Losa Animal Clinic.

Our Veterinary Best Practices in Edmonton

We are passionate believers in spaying and neutering pets and we prefer it be done before your pet reaches 6 months of age. Spaying and neutering provides significant health benefits for pets including reducing and eliminating the risks of certain cancers. For females, uterine infections are eliminated and the risk of mammary tumors greatly reduced. For males, there is no risk of developing testicular cancer. In addition, many obnoxious pet behaviors, such as spraying, marking, roaming, and messy heats, are either modified or completed eradicated. Then there is the animal rights issue. We do not believe in adding to the mushrooming numbers of unwanted, abandoned and abused pets in the Edmonton area.

Another of our veterinary best practices is the annual wellness exam. Just as you have a yearly physical, we ask all pet owners to make appointments for their pet's yearly exam. This gives us the chance to follow a pet's every health need over the years. It is also the time when we administer pet's vaccinations which are the key to keeping them healthy and protected from dangerous and contagious diseases. 

Dental exams and cleaning are also instrumental in keeping pets healthy. The annual exam gives the veterinarian a chance to visually inspect the teeth and from there, schedule the once-a-year cleaning. Keeping the pet's teeth free of plaque and tarter reduces chances for gingivitis and periodontal disease as well as other serious issues such as heart disease!

If your pet needs surgery, there is no safer and more caring place to have it done than our animal clinic. Our impeccable surgery suite is equipped with the tops in available technology which we use to monitor your pet throughout the procedure. You'll also get complete instructions for your pet's after-care.

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There are never enough pets visiting our Terra Losa Animal Clinic to suit us, so please add yours to the list of our love bugs for the positively best veterinary care in Edmonton. Contact us today at 587-400-3752.


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  • "Terra Losa Animal clinic is easily the best vet clinic I've ever brought my animals to. I'm not sure how others could have a negative experience because Dr. Smith and staff are terrific!!! My wife and I love them so much that even after moving across town to Millwoods we still refuse to take our 3 cats anywhere else. We'd rather make the drive to the west end than see anybody else. They're the best"
    - Anonymous